Crazy, VA

Meet Sheriff Lil Eller and her feline deputy Boris, who patrol the small, eccentric, and aptly-named town of Crazy, Virginia.

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Gone Crazy

Boris and Lil confront a murder with too many suspects, but luckily for them, life in Crazy provides plenty of distractions.

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Crazy Like a Fox

Lil becomes a target, but do the bad guys want her gone or dead?  It's up to her and Boris to sniff out the truth.

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Stone Cold Crazy

Boris and Lil have to solve the mystery behind an explosion, while preventing tempers from exploding when Lil's ex-fiancée comes to town.

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Dead Crazy

A land use controversy literally blows up, exposing Crazy’s darkest secret and putting Lil and Boris on the hunt for a serial killer.

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